Office space has become critically important to increasing productivity, attracting and retaining people, reducing costs, and differentiating your brand. Because of this, designing and implementing a digital workplace strategy should be a top priority with a combined effort between CIOs, HR, communications, real estate, facilities management, and office design peers.

“The richest digital workplaces rely on the collaborative efforts of IT, HR, enterprise (or corporate) communications, and real estate/facilitymanagement (RE/FM).” – Gartner®

To help with your digital workplace strategy, download our complimentary Gartner paper, The Rebirth of Office Space: What Every CIO Needs to Know and Do. In this paper, Gartner discusses:
  • The importance of office space in terms of company culture, productivity, innovation, and costs.
  • Workplace trends and statistics driving the need for change.
  • The roles and interests of CIOs, HR, real estate executives, facility managers, and office designers for the development and success of a digital workplace strategy.
  • Digital workplace components, strategies, and recommendations.
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